Wednesday, 14 May 2008

More Dub

Another selection of Dubs from different producers

1 MORE DUB CHAPTER 2 ------------------------Joe Gibbs & The Professionals
2 SWINGING ------------------------------------------Sounds Of Musik
3 LLONGO ---------------------------------------------Royals
4 GOD IS WITH US ----------------------------------Morpheus DEB Players
5 ALWAYS TRYING 2 ------------------------------Brentford Road All Stars
6 SISTER VERSION -------------------------------Phase 1 All Stars
7 FIGHT IT ---------------------------------------------Power Stars
8 FREEDUB---------------------------------------------Jazz Maz Whoto
9 MAD SHANK ----------------------------------------Matador Band
10 SURVIVAL PT 2 ------------------------------------Jah Lloyd
11 JUDGEMENT STYLE ------------------------------Jammy
12 GIRL I DUB YOU -----------------------------------Channel One
13 BLACK I AM -----------------------------------------Fe Me Time All Stars
14 GHETTO DUB ---------------------------------------Revolutionairies
15 DOUBLE STRUGGLE ------------------------------Zuckie
16 CHOCK FULL OF DUB DUB----------------------Augustus Pablo
17 ABOUT TO LOSE MY DUB -----------------------Village Bunch
18 MESSAGE RECEIVED -----------------------------Gangsters Of Love
19 ESCAPE PRISONERS -------------------------------Sly & Robbie
20 DANGER IN YOUR DUB --------------------------Gussie
21 NEVER RUN AWAY DUB ------------------------Wambesi Gang
Re Upped 29-5-12

1 comment:

ELECTRIC said...

what a find....

im 50 this year i played on the tony jay hit telephone line recorded in chalk farm studios
no money haha..still what an experience..i was 15
at the time..
im still producing my own lickle tunes strictly 70s inspired..
would love to know what you think about my sound

jus started playin gigs in of all places Spain
forwaardin the vibe..yabass