Tuesday, 18 November 2008

A Special Request from Ossie & The Revolutionaires

Ossie Hibbert ,arranger & In House audition taker at Channel One along side I Roy ,will have done most of his production work uncredited (again like I Roy) but a few times he released some of his own tunes on labels like Ossie Sounds & Earthquake here's a sample of just a few
01 - U Brown - Tye & Dye
02 - Cornell Campbel - Mash You Down
03 - Dillinger - Take A Dip
04 - Earth & Stone - Migrate
05 - Jah Earl - Bring Me The Cuchie Come
06 - Pat Kelly & Ranking Trevor - It's A Good Day
07 - U Brown - Special Request
08 - Augustus Pablo - Tales Of Pablo
09 - Jimmy Riley - Summertime
10 - Dennis Brown - Whip Them Jah
11 - Big Joe - Lick Her Gone
12 - Earth & Stone - Wicked a Fe Dress Back
13 - Leroy Smart - Know Yourself
14 - Gregory Isaacs - Sunshine For Me
15 - Ronnie Davis - Fever
16 - Headley Bennett - River Bank
17- Horace Andy - Sea Of Love
18 - Clint Eastwood - Jump & Prawn



Anonymous said...

Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

It loooks great - but cant get the link to work!

Sidewalk Doctor said...

try again the hyperlink wasn't active

Chris T said...

Thanks for ths one Steve.

Anonymous said...

For some reason I thought that Jah Earl track was a Niney production. It is on the Earthquake label though. I'm probably in the wrong.

Danny said...

Greatt collection! Yeah ,some of the productions are from Niney- D. Brown, and the Take a Dip. I don't know what Ossie's role in them was. Was he the engineer, did he rjust release them on his label, or did he get the original rythyms from Niney and record the vocals over them? Take a dip has been released by Niney, Gibbs, and Ossie.

sirapo said...

Thank you for the very nice collection! Just seeing the label brought back some nice memories.

I have a few (mostly 45s) for sharing here if you like too:



Anonymous said...

Wonderful Music! Some of them I was looking for years. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

I love Ossie's work. He produced some of the heavier sounds out of Channel One. Love this blog a LOT. Thanks.

Chris Ward said...

Thanks for another superb collection Steve, I like the style that Gregory Isaacs signs in here.