Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Workman Song - Various

This compilation was inspired by a fellow Reggae fan asking if I had a copy of the title track ,I said I had & offered to send a copy I thought it a waste just to send one track on a CD so I filled the Cd with tracks from some fanatastic JA vocal groups I hope you enjoy it

· ONLY LOVE ---------------------------------GABY & THE CABLES
· YOU CAN DO IT TOO -----------------------TWINKLE BROTHERS
· WORKMAN SONG ---------------------------TECHNIQUES
· MY FRIENDS --------------------------------DYNAMICS
· BA BA ----------------------------------------REGGAE BOYS
· FEELING GOOD ------------------------------FREEDOM SINGERS
· MUSIC STREET ------------------------------HARMONIANS
· MEK YOU GO ON SO -------------------------ETHIOPIANS
· NEVER SEE COME SEE------------------------ROYALS
· I DON’T CARE ---------------------------------KINGSTONIANS
· STRUGGLE ------------------------------------MAYTALS
· LU LU BELL -----------------------------------VERSATILES
· IN TIMES LIKE THESE ------------------------SILHOUETTES
· LOOK WHO A BUST STYLE -------------------MEDIATORS
· NO MORE LOVING ----------------------------IMPERIALS
· GOLD ON YOUR DRESS ------------------------SLICKERS
· BABY --------------------------------------------R EDWARDS ALL STARS
· I’LL BE AROUND ---------------------------------MELLOTONES
· FREEDOM TRAIN --------------------------------GLADIATORS
· GOLD DIGGER ----------------------------------WAILING SOULS
· OH LORD WHY LORD -----------------------------ITALS
· PLEASE PLEASE -----------------------------------CARIBBEANS
· WHAT A SITUATION ------------------------------UNIQUES
re upped 23-5-12


lio & flo said...

First ThanX for your wonderful Blog, I love this place !
I'd like to know who were the "Freedom singers", this studio one vocal group (maybe with phil pratt they made some tunes).
It's very difficult to know something about them, I know that Leroy Sibbles or Horace andy sung sometimes and Winston Jarrett say he worked with Enid Cumberland and Larry Marshall as Freedom singers.
I have a list of other singers so if you had an explanation i will appreciate so much.
ThanX a lot.


Sidewalk Doctor said...

As far As I know The Freedom Singers were anyone who happened to be in the studio at the time of recording ,including at one time all the names you mentioned and probably others uncredited.Don't forget Studio One artists backed each others tunes & were generally hanging around the studio all the time so if someone had an idea for a song the would just naturaaly use the people avaiable.

lio & flo said...


that was the idea i had, I thank you to confirm this, I recognize leroy Sibbles on "Everybody Talking", horace Andy on "Funny man"...
In any case thank you so much for that and for all your work, it's ever a pleasure to come in your blog and your compilations are wonderful !