Friday, 16 January 2009

Warrior Stylee

A nice selection of 12" mixes for you to enjoy
01 - Unity Stars - Africa
02 - Al Campbell & Trinity - Respect
03 - Jnr Delgado - Hipo
04 - Fred Locks & Brigadier Jerry - Love And Harmony
05 - Josey Wales - Changes
06 - Earl Cunningham - Never Give Up
07 - Willie Williams - Run Come Rally
08 - Ras Midas - Rain And Fire
09 - Cornell Campbell - My Country
10 - Mikey Dread - Warrior Stylee
11 - Albert Malawi - Children Of The Emperor
12 - Winston Ferguson - Pay To Live

Re Upped 22-5-12


gelliddewi said...

Thanks for these. Much enjoyed.

Ben The Balladeer said...

Just found your blog the other day. Love it. Checkout by blogs
If possible...! would you be so kind to post a Jamaican ballads compilation. There where some great ones I did not know existed among your posts. Especially The Rhythm Aces and Lloyd Clarke.
Your on my daily checklist from now on.

DJ Criss Angel said...

Bro please please reup this one mega link is dead please bro specialy the children of the emperor choon used to listen to Jah shaka in 1978 wen i was 15
place used to go mad..

Sidewalk Doctor said...

Link back up now