Friday, 11 June 2010

Dreadrecords Mighty Superstars Toasting Selection

The next compilation is another Guest one (keep it up guys) featuring some great DJ tunes

1 -Prince Mohammed - Heart And Soul

2-Jah Stitch -The Killer

3-Clint Eastwood - Badder Dan You

4-Zimbabwe Dread - Earthman Connection

5-Mexicano -The Bouncer

6-Lone Ranger - Screw Gone a North Cost

7-Ranking Joe - Leave Fe Mi Girl Arlene

8-Lui Lepki - Can't Take Mi Landlord

9-Jah Stone - Dread A The President

10-Prince Mohammed - L.O.V.E. Is Love

11-Buckers - Sugar and Spice

12-Captain Sinbad -Construction Plan

13-Trinity - Starsky And Hutch

14- Kojak & Lisa - Fist to Fist Rub a Dub

15-Shorty the President - Natty Pass Him G.C.E.

16-Prince Mohammed - Ten Years Late

17-Rapper Robert and Jim Brown - Pirate

18-Lui Lepke - Custom Officer

19-Joe Tex & U Black - Friday Evening

20-Massive Dread -Black is Natural fack

21-Pappa Weedy - Nice Up The Dance

22-Prince Mohammed-Zion Gates

Re Upped 8-5-12