Monday, 15 April 2013

Pablo For Hire

An accomplished producer in his own right Pablo non the less recorded some cracking tunes for other producers & here's some great ones ,compiled by my friend in the USA

1 Cinderella In Black (Jimmy Radway)
2 Oregan Style (Gussie Clarke)
3 Classical Illusion (Gussie Clarke)
4 Soul On Fire (D Madden)
5 Born To Love You (Gussie Clarke)
6 Pablo’s Mercy (A Folder)
7 Feeling Moody (Roydale Anderson)
8 Sahara Rock extended (C Moses & S Mowatt)
9 Coconut Oil (W Riley)
10 More Warning (Bunny Lee)
11 Exit extended (Gussie Clarke)
12 Upful Ites extended (Top Ranking)
13 Crisis Dub extended (Tommy Cowan)
14 Pablo In Moonlight extended (Prince Jammy)
15 Spirit Of Umoja extended (Dennis Brown)
16 The Way (Tommy Cowan)
17 Glass House (W Burnett)
18 Home Sweet Dub (W Smith & E Smith)


re upped 25-03-15


edison61 said...

Thanks! Great collection of some lesser-known stuff.

Unknown said...

Can you please re-upload this one? ... .Thanks