Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Natty Sings A Hit Songs - Dillinger

Yes he does! and here's a selection of them showcasing how Dillinger benefited from the best rhythms from the Producer who was carrying the swing at the time in much the same way as my fave Toaster I Roy did .Producers featured here include Harry J, Errol T, Lee Perry ,C Dodd ,J Hookim ,L Parks P Pratt to name a few & thats what I believe kept Dillinger so Fresh(ly!) that and amusingly an ability to not be too worried about what rhymed with what ,check "Take A Dip " where Mr Bullocks rhythms Gregory with "Shregory" & Isaacs with "PIEZAX"
01 Country Style (Jaywax)
02 Detention Camp (GG)
03 I Saw E Saw (Clinch)
04 Tighten Up Skank (Downtown)
05 Big Score (Terminal)
06 God Is Standing By (High School International)
07 Black Starliner (Soul Beat)
08 Super Fly (Parks)
09 Chucky Skank (Iron Side)
10 Plantation Heights (Channel One)
11 Pack Up Your Troubles And Run (Concrete Jungle)
12 Eastman Skank (Well Charge)
13 CB 200 (Lucky)
14 Caymanias Park (Well Charge)
15 Freshly (Prophets)
16 Melting Pot (Wind)
17 Bump Shank (Love)
18 Ragnampaiza (Well Charge)
19 Natty Sings Hit Songs (Arab)
20 A You Me Love (Black And White)
21 War Is Over (Errol T)
22 Flat Foot Hustling (Observer)
23 Take A Dip (Ossie Sounds)
24 Out De Light (Belmont)

Re Upped 29-5-12