Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Jamaican Serenades Vol 44

Here's the story , A Long time ago on a message board a discussion was raised regarding great instrumental Reggae ,who liked what etc from that came the first Jamaican Serenade compilation ,this was followed by other users' compilations & I did my first at Vol 15 (on here) it looks like the series has more or less died now but here is my last attempt Vol 44.
Just for a bit of fun ,let me know if you can tell which Producer produced most tunes on this Volume
01 - Babylon Special - Azul
02 - In The Mood - Winston Wright
03 - Bionic Man - Ansell Collins
04 - Violin Rock - The Fiddlers
05 - United Rock - Bullwackies All Stars
06 - Rigor Mortis - The Revolutionaires
07 – Yard Song – Massive Horns
08 - Give Me Some More - Studio Sound
09 - President Rock - Joe White
10 - Hot Dog - Love Generation
11 - Hold Pon Dem - Brother Dan All Stars
12 - Wappadusa - Greyhound
13 - Ringo Rock - Soul Vendors
14 - One Wife Version - The Crystalites
15 - Preaching Love - Music Doctors
16 - Eight Years After - Tommy McCook
17 - Djambala - Dirty Harry & Bobby Ellis
18 - Dub Master - Organ D
19 - Dedication Rock - Harold Butler
20 - Meditation Dub - Augustus Pablo


Anonymous said...

Thanks SWD! BTW, was the photo from Half Moon resort? It looks very familiar, including the trio. I go there every winter!

Sidewalk Doctor said...

No mate that was just an image I chose which looked like someone was |Serenading!!

Anonymous said...

Sidewalk doctor

Great stuff again with your Jamaican Serenades collection some rare gems

Always great collections pity it has slowed down lately but thankful all the same for any latest ones.

Can I ask if you still have the Fab collection? I think you produced a vol2 some while back.

Anonymous said...

maybe you should ask the producers before you free download their tunes?

Chris Ward said...

Thank you for another superb collection of instrumentals Steve, I love the cover "Give me some more" of the same track by the JB's.
You must be on course for a knighthood for all this wonderful work you've done.