Friday, 5 June 2009

Skank It My Way

If Frank Sinatra sang Jamaican Music would he have recorded this tune? no it's by I Roy Senior and one of the tracks on this latest compilation. I've no idea who I Roy senoir is probably a guy who just happened to be in the studio when this tune needed a DJ cut but isn't that just the fantastic thing about JA music that anyone can and were recorded in the whirlwind music industry.

· 01 Breaking Up --------------------Hugh Griffiths
· 02 Skank It my Way ---------------I Roy Senior
· 03 Moses Rock ---------------------Al Moodie
· 04 Second That Emotion -----------Righteous Flames
· 05 This Yah Corner ----------------Jah Lloyd
· 06 No More Heartaches ------------Cables & I Roy
· 07 Mr Baldhead Aitken -------------Bobby Aitken
· 08 My Princess ---------------------Sammy Dread
· 09 Ganja Free ----------------------Soothsayers Horns
· 10 This Music Got Soul -------------Hopeton Lewis
· 11 Why Do Lovers ------------------Delroy & Stitt
· 12 He Who Feels It Knows It --------Stranger Cole
· 13 Sir Duke Special ------------------Supersonics
· 14 Dr Run Come Quick --------------U Roy Jnr
· 15 Pearl -----------------------------Enforcer
· 16 Natty A Roots Man ---------------Ranking Trevor
· 17 Hard Time Pressure --------------Sugar Minott
· 18 How Can I Forget -----------------Winston Francis
· 19 Turn Back The Hands Of Time ---John Holt
· 20 Impossible Love - ----------------Delroy Wilson

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