Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Baff Boom steps up again with another great compilation ,this time from the Bamboo label (no overlap with previous Bamboo compilation)
01 - (Bam 01A) - My Whole World Is Falling Down-Ken Parker

02 - (Bam 07B) - Baby Face - Sound Dimension

03 - (Bam 11B) - Darling I Love You - The Heptones

04 - (Bam 13B) - My Ambition - Marcia Griffiths

05 - (Bam 23A) - Life Could Be A Dream - The Maytals

06 - (Bam 29A) - Tumbling Tears - Allton Ellis

07 - (Bam 31A) - Can I Change My Mind - Brentford Rd All Stars

08 - (Bam 40A) - Always Together - Bob & Marcia

09 - (Bam 43A) - Message From A Black Man - Heptones

10 - (Bam 43B) - Jamaica Underground - Sound Dimension

11 - (Bam 44A) - A Love I Can Feel - John Holt

12 - (Bam 44B) - Long Liver Man - Hugh Black

13 - (Bam 46A) - Turn Back The Hands Of Time - Winston Francis

14 - (Bam 47A) - I Can Feel It - Owen Gray

15 - (Bam 48A) - California Dreaming- Winston Francis

16 - (Bam 48B) - Soul Stew - Jackie Mittoo

17 - (Bam 49A) -Do You Love Me - John Holt

18 - (Bam 51A) - Dancing Groove - Jackie Mittoo

19 - (Bam 51B) - Peanut Butter - Black And George

20 - (Bam 66A) - Rhythm Rebellion - Lord Comic

21 - (Bam 70A) - Black Is Black - Im & David

Re Upped 4-5-12


Anonymous said...

oh man...the link is dead

Anonymous said...

Works gr8 here, try again!

Slacker said...

The first one was great, I'm feeling rather spoiled to get a second volume so soon! Cheers :)

Unknown said...



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angela said...

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