Monday, 3 December 2007

Lest We Forget - Roy Richards

Unfortunetly Roy left us this year and as a tribute I put together this compilation which (I hope) shows he was not only a great harmonica player but also an accomplished vocalist ,whether as a solo artist ,with his bother (Winston) as the Richards Brothers or with a couple of female partners.Roy's carrer started in the Ska era so there's lots to listen to
01 Can't Go On
02 I Shall Wear a Crown (Richards Brothers)
03 Hopeful Village Ska
04 Western Standard Time
05 You Must Be Sorry
06 Vietnam
07 Since You're Gone (with Paulette)
08 Rubber Dub
09 He'll Have To Go (with Enid)
10 Reggae Children
11 Death Rides A Horse
12 Ghetto Guns
13 Dead And Wake
14 Frredom Blues
15 Jamaican Memories
16 Double Trouble
17 Green Collie
18 Port O Jam
19 Honky Panky
20 Reggae For Days (with Enid)
21 Rocking Time (with Enid)
22 Lost And Found
23 Reggae Monica


ZubZub said...

Hey Doc, just stumbled in while researching for a Roy post over at Juju. Will link to your post here and hopefully provide you with some tracks you didn't have as you have done for me.
Making my way through your cabinets, some mighty fine medicine you have here sir.

Anonymous said...

I can't get Mega Upload to work. A very frustrating download site.

sidewalk doctor said...

Just click the link ,enter the 3 letter code wait 60 seconds & choose where to save it

Anonymous said...

in some parts of the world,(like here in east europe)it's IMPOSSIBLE to access the MEGAUPLOAD download page at all,except from 05.00am to 07.00am in the morning.the rest of the day,it just displays
"all download slots busy"

Anonymous said...

Hi, try Firefox, it has a plugin that works with magaupload, just search for it in an good site and you will get it.

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Anonymous said...

please re-up missed this one...thks