Monday, 14 July 2008

The Birmingham Beat

In the Mid 70's I used to visit Brian Harris' Mango records shop on Handsworth Lane .Brian used to import new JA pre's every week , nothing unusual about that! loads of shops in Birmingham used to do that but not many others can boast a Quality UK group of labels . Alongside Keith Thornton of Black Wax records on Lozells Road three labels were set up ,Mango,Black Wax & Locks ,here's a taster of what they issued . Brian once told me he was on the verge of releasing Burning Spear records just before Island put a bid in ,and in fact issued some Perry produced gems deemed too rootsy for Island

01 Shark Out Deh - Errol Holt LOX17
02 Chant Down Babylon - Jnr Byles WAX15
03 Black IS Our Colour - Wayne Wade MAN1005
04 Natty Bald Head - Jah Woosh LOX16
05 Satta I - Lizard WAX14
06 Leave The Studio - The Boston Brothers MAN1001
07 Not Giving Up - Leo Graham LOX12
08 The Philistines - Gregory Isaacs WAX19
09 Zone Five - Ansell Collins MAN1000
10 I'm A Natty - Jacob Miller LOX6
11 Rhodesia - The Rebels WAX16
12 Peace And Love - The Royals MAN1007
13 Black Man - Leroy Smart LOX2
14 Mother Nature - Delroy Wilson WAX20
15 Prophesy Must Fulfill - Justin Hinds MAN1004
16 Burn Babylon - Silford Walker LOX9
17 Babylon Deh Pon Fire- Truth Fact And Correct WAX18
18 Stop The War In A Babylon - James Brown MAN1011
19 When JAh Come - Devon Irons LOX14
20 Miss Wire Waist - Carl Malcolm WAX7
21 Leggo - Jah Lloyd MAN1014

Re Upped 22-5-12


smilingirl said...

i'm so glad you've taken the time to post these. not heard shark out deh for a long time.
many thanks

Darcy said...

Hey! just found your blog. Great stuff.
The Silford Walker 7 was just about my first ever Reggae purchase. My memory tells me I heard it on Rosko's old BBC Saturday morning show, although somehow John Peel's show would have been more likely.

jenifer said...

Hey, let me know if you want to get a promo copy of Burning Spear's new one, self-released on his new label.


Sammy said...

Sidewalk doctor nice selections indeed... btw could u give me a demonoid invitation? I got some upsetter stuff you haven't heard about.


Michel LeGrisbi said...

Oh wow! I just stumbled across your blog! absolutely amazing!

for what it's worth here's a link to a part of my collection

here's the tracklist

Brendan M said...

great blog--thanks for posting all these gems.

Chris T said...

Keep on doing what yu doing Stevie!
Great blog.
I just sent you an email re Cornell.Looking forward to a response.Thanks for sharing.

Andy B said...

Great selection - I moved to Birmingham in the early 80s and remember buying a pile of great Mango, Locks and Black Wax sevens at discount prices in a shop up near the old Locarno. They included great tunes like Keith Poppin's Time Slipping Away and Winston Heywood's Long Long Time. On a completely different note, please can you or one of your followers help me identify the tune that is covered by Byron Lee on Soul Ska - the one that goes "Baby you don't know that you're treating me so bad" and "Why don't you tell me what wrong have I done you". For some reason I think that it was a Studio One release, possibly by the Maytals, but I haven't been able to track it down. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

sidewalk doctor said...

The tune you are looking for is by The Maytals ,but NOT a studio one production but a Prince Buster production ,you should be able to find it on this release
Good Luck

Andy B said...

Ta very much Steve for clearing up that mystery. I've tracked down a copy and my life is now complete. For the time being anyway!

Peter said...

Thanx i really love your Black Ark cuts nice drop ! like your blog

Anonymous said...

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Sidewalk Doctor said...

thanks for your comment but the electric are void to tuesday private and level on three weaned this will be renal quotes when office green

VĂ­ctor said...

There is an bad block error when I try to unrar the file.
Could you upload it again?

Sidewalk Doctor said...

try to download it again mate I've just done it & its fine