Wednesday, 26 November 2008

You Must Care

If you don’t like one rhythm cds then “You Don’t Care” that I’ve uploaded this, if you don’t like the “You Don’t Care” rhythm then “You Don’t Care” that I’ve compiled this – BUT if you do then “You Must Care” ,Dennis Alcapone certainly did because he voiced over this tune 4 times for different producers here’s some more cuts
01 - The Techniques - You Don't Care
02 - Winston Wright - Meshwire
03 - Nora Dean - Barbwire
04 - Dennis Alcapone - Mosquito One
05 - Dennis Alcapone - The Great Woggie
06 - Jackie Mittoo - Midnight Special
07 - Slim Smith - You Don't Care
08 - Dennis Alcapone - El Paso
09 - Lloyd Parks - You Don't Care
10 - Winston Scotland - Buttercup
11 - Ron Wilson - I Care
12 - Lloyd Willis & The Inspirations - Reggae Fever
13 - Sir Lord Comic - Jack Of My Trade
14 - Karl Walker - Franco Nero
15 - Dennis Alcapone - El Paso
16 - Augustus Pablo - The Sting
17 - Devon Russel - Make Me Believe In You
18 - Lone Ranger - Barnabus Collins
19 - U Roy - Natty Don't Fear
20 - Errol Scorcher - Nation Connection

Re Upped 24-5-12


mosescult59 said...

christmas has come early for me i just come across your blog by mistake when i was searching for doctor bird and there u so excited to find someone who loves his music and can reveal some gems i might never have got the chance to hear ....keep up the good work ...mosescult59

Anonymous said...

I care. :)


smilingirl said...

fabulous selection but *sigh* i was in the process of making a 'you don't care' podcast i'll have to do 'heart don't leap' instead.

Sidewalk Doctor said...

Thats a shame smilingirl , how would your podcast have differed from this selection ie what would you have left out or included ,just curious!

Chris T said...

Nuff thanks, I do care.

smilingirl said...

not a shame at all - working on heart don't leap now. however i think it would have been much the same - don't have el paso or nation connection (well, do now)and would have used scorpion in his underpants and the version instead of barbwire, and would have included junior english - you don't care, big youth - you don't care version, lone ranger - grave yard skank and go lizzy go - dennis alcapone + lizzy maybe even the itals too

Sidewalk Doctor said...

Ok Smilingirl you've got my attention I don't know the Big Youth cut 0r the Dennis & Lizzy cut are they LP only cuts??

smilingirl said...

big youth - b side version but also on dreadlocks dread and go lizzy go is on the heartbeats treasure isle showtime. as far as i'm aware the lizzy track is album only.

crissbiscit said...

Love it, much appreciated, more riddim comps would be great, and a Nora Dean one too! Great Blog