Monday, 5 January 2009

Tear Drops - Freddie McKay

Freddie is one of those artists whose work you don’t fully appreciate until you compile his work like this, only then do you realise his consistent quality of voice & song writing skills .
I’ve called this compilation Tear Drops because it’s a song he has returned to throughout his career ,I’ve included 3 cuts but I know of at least one more he did for Phil Pratt ( I don’t have a copy !) ,anyway here’s some tunes he did from early in his career as Freddie McLean in the ‘60’s to the early ‘80’s

01 - Susan
02 - Since I Met You
03 - Just A Little Bit
04 - Darling Ooh
05 - Tear Drops
06 - Tears Won't Help
07 - Dream My Life Over
08 - Where Have You Been
09 - Go On This Way
10 - Dance This Ya Festival
11 - How Could I Live
12 - Love Is A Treasure
13 - Love Is A Treasure
14 - I'm A Free Man
15 - Our Rendezvous
16 - Picture On The Wall
17 - Tears Won't Help
18 - So Long, Farewell
19 - Rock A Bye Woman
20 - Another Weekend

 Re Upped 2 - 5-12



Another cracker to start the new year - thanks a lot for these rare cuts from the late great Freddie McKay.

Anonymous said...

many many thanks for this, there's never enough freddie mckay. and thank you for all the other collections you've made available, they're all much appreciated.

Nelson said...

YES BREDREN!!!!Much Appreciated!!

Anonymous said...

... they should screw your head off, Jack ...

Anonymous said...

please reup
big tunes

Anonymous said...

Please, could you reup this one?
The username and password on wupload don't work no more...
Thanks in advance.