Friday, 22 January 2010

Ska Is Here To Stay

Ska Is Here To Stay & here's why

01 - Try Me - Justin Hinds & The Dominoes
02 - The Kiss You Gave - Winston Stewart
03 - Good From The Bad - Roy Panton
04 - Nightfall - Baba Brooks
05 - The Royal Ska - Carlos Malcolm
06 - Black Sunday - The Skatalites
07 - Temptation - Eric Morris
08 - Ska Is Here To To Stay- Karl Bryan
09 - Musical Train - Peter & Stanley
10 - Mash Mr Lee - Byron Lee & Dragonaires
11 - Sai Pan - Roland Alphonso
12 - Chickeroo - Alton & Eddy
13 - Gal & Boy - The Gaylads
14 - But I Do - Tony Washington
15 - Sha Ba Ba - Higgs & Wilson
16 - Jennie Lee - Owen Gray
17 - Surplus - Don Drummond
18 - Lets Kiss - The Maytals
19 - Maybe Once - Joe Smith
20 - Magnificent Ska - Lyn Tait
21 - When We Walk - Lloyd Robinson
22 - The Tickler - Prince Buster All Stars

Re Upped 11-5-12


Kees said...

Fantastic selection once more!

Is 'Musical Train' the same as the Clarendonians 45 RIO-115A from 1966?
And if not - who were these Peter and Stanley, and what was the original 45 release...

Can anybody tell me?

Sidewalk Doctor said...

I don't have a copy of the RIO tune but I fairly sure it's the same tune.Peter is Peter Austin ,I have it on a JA "Musik City" label

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kees, you always have great selections. I have round 25000 songs in my collection and every time you make selections that contain songs that are absent from my collection. Unbelievable.

Thanks a lot for putting so much time into this.


Anonymous said...

Sidewalk Doctor,you make me happy..

sorry for my bad englih,i live in france in lyon city,i'm 45 years old,my job is bassman in a rocksteady band (rocksteady gones,see on myspace and tell me what you think about) france,we start listening ja music around 80",everything you post here is a treasure for can't understand how much it's crucial for me and my friends...thank you for sharing these "murder" selections....really,really thanks....

ps:i suppose that island compils n°1,2,...does exist?? nowhere on blog..


ps2:Skadam...25000 tunes??? i can't sleep now.......arghhh....

Anonymous said...

@ Franck

Yes, 20000 of them digitized and still 5000 waiting, like you I am a 40 something and had some time to collect.

I was promised this or next year to go have a look at a friend of a friend's collection of sealed unused records, never played, the friend was in the business and received these record at regular pace but dislikes reggae related music.

I hope this to continue, although I expect many to be in my collection already but as they are unplayed it means they sound good technically.

I think that round 50.000 songs were made in the period between 1958 (opening of federal recording) and 1990.
So, I am half way.

Personally I am mainly looking for the whole collection of Chin's Calypso Orch. and the Bluebeat collection as they represent least of my collection.

The largest part of my collection is 1963-1970 and contain all the 60's styles like Ska, Skasteady, Rocksteady, Scorcher and Boss.

West Indies Music is part of my DNA, I also have a lot of 30's calypso and some 50's calypso.

Should you like to look for a more exotic part of that music family I can recommend Ghanese Highlife music from the 50's and 60's.

Also I can recommend some seeming unrelated music called Rembetica, this is 20's and 30's music that was played in hashish bars in greece and was wiped out by the Metaxas dictatorial regime.
Players of that music mainly came from Asia-Minor and were forced to leave by Ataturk and fleed to Greece.

Holly said...

This is a great comp. Thank you!