Monday, 8 March 2010

Crew Shall Seleck Shon

This is the 100th post on this blog and as such I thought it only right it should be one of MY compilations & I hope the title says it all.I hope you are all enjoying the guest uploads ,'cos there's loads more to come .However not many of you have been in touch regarding a compilation by everyone with single tracks being uploaded by different people ,so get in touch its not hard to upload & it gives us a chance to hear some more great music
01 - All Over - Burning Spear
02 - Full Dose Of Dub - King Tubby & Harry Mudie
03 - Dub To Africa - Prince Far I
04 - Iron Bar Dub - Linton Kwesi Johnson
05 - Dub Vendor Meets Alimantado At King Tubbys -Jammys
06 - Dub I Love - Treasure Isle All Stars
07 - Mirage - Creation Rebel
08 - Why Am I Treated So Bad - Buster All Stars
09 - Carry Us Beyond - Human Cargo
10 - Addis Ababa Dub - Wackies
11 - Dub Fire - Aswad
12 - Stalag - Techniques All Stars
13 - If You Dub To Me - Jah Guidance All Stars
14 - Babylon Burning - J Gibbs Professionals
15 - Assack Lawn Dub No 1 - Glen Brown
16 - DEB Wise - Deb Players
17 - Revelation Dub - Abbysinians
18 - Every Dub Is A Winner - Prince Jazzbo
19 - Straight To Rod's Head - Morpheus Players
20 - Always Dubbing - Judah Eskender Tafari

Re Upped 9-5-12


zoran said...

Lovely stuff...

"Carry Us Beyond - Human Cargo"

Thats Aswad, right?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Steve!


Redstriper said...

Congratulations on your Century and what a crew shall seleck shon indeed.
I have every one of your uploads and could live with no other music (if necessary).
You rule Steve - keep up this great work.

Redstriper said...

I left my last comment before listening to this latest offering and having just heard it, I've now changed my mind - it's not just crewshall......... it's VITAL !

Anonymous said...

OH OH thanks again Steve !!

your muzik collection is special..
another one good stuff here..

and all of us are enjoying



Chris Ward said...

Thank you Steve for sharing all your music with us over the past few years. You've "released" more music than Blood and Fire did, and Pressure Sounds have a lot of work to do before they reach your huge output.
This is a very nice dubwise selection too!