Friday, 8 October 2010

The Real Stepping Razor - Joe Higgs

This comp is from my Friend Ray"Small Axe" Hurford and showcases one of the Giants of JA Music .

1. King Spinner

2. Song My Enemies Sing

3. You Hurt My Soul

4. Burning Fire

5. Mother Radio

6. Mademoiselle

7. Captivity

8. Creation

9. World Upside Down - JA Mix

10.World Upside Down - UK Mix

11.Lay A Foundation

12.Wave Of War

13.More Slavery

14.Hard Times Don't Bother Me

15.My Baby Still Loves Me


17.Sons Of Garvey

18.Talk To That Man

19.So It Go

20.Day O

Re Upped 4-5-12



Anonymous said...

Thank you!... I buy Ray's books... Joe's necklace, hilarious!
- Nelgroe, California

Mr W. said...

Making my Friday night - Many Thanks!