Friday, 25 January 2013

Money Can't Buy Dub

I flipped a few 45's and these are the Dubs

01 - Summer Rocker - Tradition
02 - Money Can't Buy Dub - Norman's All Stars
03 - Beware - Stepping Stones
04 - Crying Over Dub - Upsetters
05 - Dub Out Of Dreadlocks Company - Black Stax Stars
06 - Dubbing In Mount Zion - Prophets
07 - Globe Festival - Professionals
08 - Owner Fe De Dub - Chariot Riders
09 - Presidential Dub - Upsetters
10 - Play All Night - Dynamites
11 - Honda Dub - Advance All Stars
12 - East African Herbs Vendor - Ethiopian Eunochs
13 - Dub Jah Jah Children - Sunshot Band
14 - Peaceful Dub - Bob Mac Band
15 - Deadline Monday - Eve All Stars
16 - Rising Dub - Conscious Minds
17 - Tobie - Chariot Riders
18 - No Dub To Lose - Revolutionairies
19 - Piece Of Dub - Blank All Stars
20 - Heartache Dub - Revolutionaires



DubMe said...

Thanks... This looks like a tasty dub selection... and what makes it even more interesting, is that those dubs are taken from b-sides of 45... definitely lots of songs in their i don't know... THANKS!

emmi said...

This looks like a funny dub selection

=) said...

Many thanks for this excellent selection!

Anonymous said...

What is the A side of Beware :stepping stones?

Sidewalk Doctor said...

Blackman Beware - Hopeton Jnr on Total sounds

Anonymous said...

I must of slept on your
21 carat 70's gold selection ,has the link is now dead.Many thanks if it can be re-loaded one more time..

Anonymous said...

This download is
Roots to the bone 2

check it

4shared = ilivid download that download system is kill my files on my pc

Anonymous said...

Give thanks for "Money Can't Buy Dub"
download works

Irie Lion

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