Tuesday, 7 April 2015

This Tropical Land

A selection of tunes from 1972

01 - The Melodians - This Tropical Land
02 - Joe White - Loving You
03 - The Maytals - It Was Written Down
04 - Alton Ellis - I'm Trying
05 - Delroy Wilson - Diamomd Ring
06 - Ron Wilson - Official Trombone
07 - Fabulous Five - Come Back And Stay
08 - Derrick Harriott - Let Me Down Easy
09 - Ken Boothe - Tears From My Eyes
10 - Eric Donaldson - Blue Boot
11 - Winston Jarrett & The Flames - True Born African
12 - Audley Rollins - What's Your Name
13 - Tony Brevett - So Ashamed
14 - The Ethiopians - You Are For Me
15 - Jackie Barnard - Rising Of Another
16 - Roman Stewart - Never Too Young
17 - Slim Smith - Turning Point
18 - The Stingers - Forward Up
19 - The Heptones - Hypocrite
20 - Lennox Brown - High School Serenade



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