Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Early Shots Vol 1

For fans of the early DJ style this is the first of 4 volumes of "Early Shots"showcasing a whole host of Toasting tunes recorded before 1973,also I can promise more single DJ sets from the likes of Big Joe ,U roy Jnr , Dennis Alcapone ,Big Youth ,Sir Harry & more SO STAY TUNED!!!
Musical Recipe - Andy Capp
For Our Desire - King Sporty
Number One Version - Tony
Leap Year - Philip Samuels
Gift Of God - U Roy
Peyton Place - D Tony Lee
Siver & Gold - Charlie Ace
What a Lalla - Lizzy
Bigger Boss - Count Sticky
Donkey Skank - Delroy Jones
Old Kent Road Version - Jah Fender
New Kent Road -Johnny Lover
Rock My Soul - Great Aces
Warfare - Count Machouki
Crazy Baby - U Roy Jnr
Skankee - Leroy Wallace
Fugitive - Lloyd The Matador
King Boxer - Duke Larry
Upsetter Version - Dennis Alcapone
Freedom Version - Jeff Dixon

Re Upped 8- 6-12

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