Monday, 19 November 2007

Oswald “Baba” Brooks
In my opinion one of the Great JA Hornsmen alongside Tommy McCook & Roland Alphonso but unlike Roland & Tommy a little overlooked ,I know of no LP credited solely to Baba .He is credited on Prince Buster’s “What A Hard Man Fe Dead” LP & I have heard the Prince rate Baba in an interview so I guess he could be featured on any number of “Prince Buster All Stars” singles , he also features on The Techniques “Little Did You Know “ LP ,and I think he was Duke Reid’s arranger until The Skatalites split &Tommy McCook came over to Treasure Isle, from there he moved over to work with Sonia Pottinger at “Gayfeet” continuing to cut some great tunes into the Rocksteady Period , so here’s a taster

01 Open The Door
02 Musical Sermon
03 Catch A Fire
04 Boat Ride
05 Teenage Ska
06 Cast Off
07 Musical Communion
08 Take Five
09 Workshop
10 Spider
11 Girls Town Ska
12 Virginia Ska
13 Melody Jamboree
14 Greenfield Ska
15 Dreadnaught
16 Independence Ska
17 Portrait Of My Love
18 Vitamin A
19 The Mood I'm In
20 Cocktails For Two
21 Key To The City
22 Jelly Bean
23 Faberge
24 Special Event
25 Smokin' Ska
26 Deadfall
27 Nightmare

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as always I’ve included a cover & tracklist


Anonymous said...


He does have a LP credited to him but not from that period.

Like many he went abroad and recorded some work with Bullwackie in NY.

This is under the name Baba Leslie.


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Can you repost it plase? Thanks!

Sidewalk Doctor said...

I've reposted enjoy

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