Friday, 4 January 2008

The Full Story

"Half The Story Has Never Been Told" a very common lyric in JA Music so thought I would put together this compilation where the Toaster has a chance to add his comments to give us the Full Story
01 Slave Master - Gregory Isaacs
02 Take A Dip - Dillinger
03 Fire Fe The Vatican - Max Romeo
04 Leggo - Jah Lloyd
05 Going The Wrong Way - Al Campbell
06 Love Jah Jah Children - Big Youth
07 Toturing - African Brothers
08 Natty Don’t Make War - Little Joe
09 Who Have Eyes To See - Errol Holt
10 Talking Rights - Prince Far I
11 Realize - Richie Mc Donald
12 Rasta On A Sunday - I Roy
13 Jah Jah - Leroy Smart
14 Wise Man - Prince Jazzbo
15 Black Is Our Colour - Wayne Wade
16 Dip Them Bedward - Prince Pampado
17 Red Hot - Prince Allah
18 Sake A Babylon - Jah Berry
19 Stealing In The Name Of The Lord - Jimmy Wonder
20 False Prophet - Dennis Alcapone

 Re Upped 24-5-12


Anonymous said...

pass the banton, don,t work
also you need to clean the records
otherwise good blog

dubmartian said...

"pass the banton" still works if you copy & paste the link into your browser.

can you really just clean the scratches off records? i'd love to know how.

i'm still amazed by how many great songs i've heard here.

thanks again!

Anonymous said...

use some fairy liquid with water
and soft sponge ,you will be amazed
otherwise like i said good blog

Anonymous said...

could you please repost pass the banton

dubmartian said...

this link should work for "Pass the Banton"

Anonymous said...

What a compilation - megasounds mega brilliant. Excellent website.