Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Del Boy - Delroy Wilson

Delroy Wilson child star of the ‘60’s a collection of tunes he did at Studio One from ’63 to ‘67.I've tried to avoid cuts from his Studio One LPs

01 King Pharoah
02 Back Biter
03 One Two Three
04 Don't Believe Him
05 Heaven
06 Naughty People
07 Emmy Lou (Coming Home)
08 I Feel Good
09 Pumps And Pride
10 Love Abiding
11 When We Walk
12 Sammy Dead
13 Tear Us Apart
14 Somebody Has Stolen My Girl
15 I Need Your Loving
16 I'll Change My Style
17 Searching For you
18 Give me A Chance
19 Close To Me
20 Look Who Is Back Again (with Slim Smith)
21 Mother Word

Re Upped 31-5-12


Errol said...

nice compilation. thanks.

John said...

Dude, your blog is simply the best reggae/ska blog on the Internet, because it the the most original. I like the fact you do your own comps rather than just normal CDs/LP's/45's etc.

More rare ska purlease!!

Keep up the great work

John x