Friday, 18 January 2008

Koos In Full Swing

Another "label" collection I would equate this with the "Shelly Reggae Rock" cd in that both Count Shelly & Lord Koos were sound men who operated record labels at around the same time so both were competing for the best that visiting JA producers were selling at the time ,I'll leave you to decide who released the best of the bunch

01 Leaving On A Train - James Brown
02 My Desire - John Holt
03 Too Late To Turn Back - Alton Ellis
04 Take The Rod - Max Romeo
05 Yes - Cornel Campbell
06 Mash Up Illiteracy - Delroy Wilson
07 Trial By War - Tommy & Bobby
08 Something On Your Mind - Hubert Lee
09 Halfway Tree Pressure - Shorty The President
10 Closer Together - Delroy Wilson
11 Quattie Buy Trouble - Big Joe
12 Koos In Full Swing - Delroy Jones
13 You Are A Wanted Man - The Starlights
14 Have Some Mercy - Delroy Wilson
15 Love Won't Come Easy - The Heptones
16 Tell Me Why - John Holt
17 Jungle Of Crime - Dennis Alcapone
18 Not Responsible - Carlton & Leroy
19 Psalms Of Dub - King Tubby
20 Don't Give Up The Fight - John Holt

Re Upped 28-5-12


dredstripe said...

Are you the same sidewalk doctor who used to post on demonoid ?
Either way keep up the good work and thanks for helping to keep these great sounds alive.
Who feels it knows it - One Love.

Anonymous said...

great selections...

Anonymous said...

big up sidewalk... thanks to share you collection with di good music lovers ..I don't know if you accept petitions..but for Looooooong time I been searching a couple of soul brothers tunes
a) shanty town
b) james bond girl
Doctor if you got my medicine it will be truly appreciated !!!

SHODZ said...

Yes Doctor,
I'm feeling much better, your medicine is working,Keep up with your good selections..

A)Iroy's - Mood for love.


Chris and Jill said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! More amazing music.
Shorty the President - Wow! Thank You! Thank You!

Anonymous said...